1968 December – The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killings started on December 20, 1968. The killer targeted four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29, with two of the men surviving attempted murder. The Zodiac himself claimed to have killed up to 37 victims. The killer originated the name “Zodiac” in a series of taunting letters sent to the local Bay Area press.
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Some of the evidence that Edwards was the Zodiac killer is briefly as follows:

1. A survivor of a Zodiac attack said the Zodiac mentioned being in Deer Lodge prison Montana, and other biographical details consistent with Edwards. Edwards was in Deer Lodge from 1956-1959. (It’s Me, p. 30). This survivor also gave a description consistent with Edwards. The Zodiac was wearing a black hood and had the Zodiac’s signature cross and circle on his front.

2. The Zodiac sent a message, which when decoded, mentions being reborn in “paradice” and “all that I have killed will become my slaves”.

Edwards’ autobiography describes an inmate in Deer Lodge prison, stating “He believed that anyone he killed would be his slave in the next life.” (It’s me p. 40)

3. The message had 18 symbols left over, which when decoded (in 2010) read “I’m Edward E. Vexed I.Q. Hath You Greater Than I”.

4. Edwards left a very similar coded confession “I killed Laci Peterson”, signed “Edward E”. See https://www.facebook.com/notes/scott-peterson-is-innocent/edward-w-edwards-left-a-signed-confession-i-killed-laci-peterson/427291067432419

5. A Zodiac Halloween card sent to Paul Avery.

6. Edwards’s daughter said  Edwards had a dark side, verbally and physically abusing her mother Kay, making the children watch videos about the Zodiac Killer while screaming, “that’s not how it happened.”

7. The following newpaper cuttings, published on March 22, 1971, the same day as the Zodiac “Pines” card was sent, were found in Edwards’ papers*:

8. A witness who met Edwards in 1971 who was forced to help him prepare a Zodiac card. Edwards also told her that he murdered confirmed Zodiac victim Paul Lee Stine and confessed to several other murders.

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A documentary on the Zodiac Killer:

See also discussion here.

* John Cameron confirmed that he contacted the journalist who wrote the article, who confirmed that Edwards was his anonymous source. Kay, Edward’s wife, also confirmed that Edwards was the anonymous source of the Zodiac article.  See the group discussion here:

Another exposition here

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