Wrongful Convictions


Some of the wrongful convictions linked to Edwards.

Deceased ( 6 )

  • William Heirens, three 1945 Chicago, Illinois, murders, convicted 1946, died in prison 2012.
  • Sam Sheppard, 1954 murder of his wife, acquitted after a retrial in 1966, died 1970.
  • Burton Abbott,1955 San Francisco, California, murder of Stephanie Bryan, executed 1957.
  • Kenneth Hansen,1955 Chicago, Illinois murder, convicted in 1995, died in prison 2007.
  • Edward Jorgenson, Robert Brom, 1960 Portland, Oregon double murder, convicted in 1968.
  • Gerald Robinson,1980 Ohio murder,convicted 2006, died in prison 2014.

Released from prison (5)

  • Louis DiNicola Exonerated in 1994 of arson and murder charges after three died in a fire on August 30, 1979. Edwards was named as a witness against DiNicola in this 1998 filing : “(d) that false testimony from Defendant Edwards was used against Plaintiff in an effort to convict him in his second criminal trial”.
  • West Memphis Three,  1993 triple child murder, convicted 1994, released in August 2011 after Alford pleas.
  • Ryan Ferguson, 2001  Kent Heitholt murder, charges dropped November 2013.
  • Ingmar Guandique 2002  Chandra Levy murder, new trial granted June 2015, released July 2016.
  • Chris Tapp June 13, 1996 murder of Angie Dodge, in Idaho Falls.

Still alive and in prison or facing retrial (8)

Possible (5)

  • Gary Leiterman July 8,1969 murder of law student Jane Mixer Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Darlie Routier 6/6/96 double child murder Rowlett, Texas. See discussion here and here.
  • Larry Swearingen December 1998 abduction, murder of Melissa Trotter
  • Matthew Riley December 9, 2008 double murder Sacramento, California.
  • Michael Skakel 1975 Martha Moxley murder, convicted June 2002, new trial granted October 2013, released on bond. November 2013, conviction re-instated December 2016. Note: this is listed in “It’s Me”, and was previously in the section above, but although there is some circumstantial evidence suggesting Edwards, on review in January 2017, there are two more likely alternative suspects.

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See also : http://coldcasecameron.com/wrongfully-accused/


11 thoughts on “Wrongful Convictions”

  1. I could almost go along with this until I saw Scott Peterson. Get real man. You should do more digging instead of blaming every murder on this guy.


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