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Jen1orbit August 1, 1997


The week long serial killer fest on The Discovery Channel has left me with a major case of serial killer on the brain syndrome, so I thought I would share my theory on the existence of an “undetectable” serial killer with the group.

I believe that beginning in the 1960’s or 1970’s, a new type of serial killer began to operate. I call him the Undetectable Serial Killer.

This is a serial killer so brilliant, so organized, so in control of himself and his emotions, so determined to avoid capture, and so lacking in any desire for notoriety or publicity, that he or she is or was able to commit at least 50 individual killings, and perhaps as many as 500 killings. And to do each one of them with such skill, with such a widely varying modus operandi, that police and FBI have never been able to any two of the 50-500 killings together. Much less any more than 2. Thus he or she is truly an “undetectable” serial killer. Nobody knows that the 50-500 victims were killed by the same person. In fact, ALL 50-500 killings stand alone as solo unsolved homicides.

Once any law enforcement authority is able to link 2 or more killings to the same killer, the knowledge that the 2 crimes are the work of a single killer destroys the killer’s standing as an “undetectable” serial killer. And so someone like Seattle’s Green River Killer, while great at avoiding capture and still garnering notoriety, is nowhere near the genius level at which the Undetectable Serial Killer operates.

I believe that since the 1960’s, at least 3, and perhaps as many as 10, such Undetectable serial killers have each claimed in excess of 50 lives, all operating individually. They have no catchy nicknames like Green River Killer or Zodiac. I cannot tell you in what area of the country or world they committed their killings. This is due to their brilliance. They killed each and every victim with such skill, such foresight, such planning, they disposed of the bodies in so many different ways, they never dumped 2 bodies in the same vicinity, they never mutilated any 2 corpses in a similar fashion. In short, they never allowed police the luxury of being able to figure out that even two, much less all 50-500 slayings, were the work of the same killer.

I believe that such an Undetectable serial killer is likely to have matched 2 or more of the following personal facts and operational methodology:

1) He was a lifelong drifter who never maintained a permanent residence and never committed any 2 killings in the same city or county.

2) He was very wealthy and owned a large and isolated estate with extensive grounds for burying or disposing of his victims in an undetectable fashion.

3) He was not a sexually motivated “lust” killer, but rather a highly intellectual person motivated by a cerebral desire/need/compulsion to kill human beings for a “vengeance” or revenge against society purpose.

4) He never killed anyone while in an uncontrollable rage. All his killings were done in a calm, detached manner, with the foremost thought in his mind being the need to make each killing look DIFFERENT than all of his other killings.

5) The killer never used the same weapon in any of his 50-500 killings.

6) The killer was very careful to never leave any ritualistic marks or wounds at the crime scenes, or upon the bodies of his victims. He went out of his way to vary each crime scene so that no two scenes could ever be linked together by police or FBI. He wore different type shoes and boots, perhaps even different sizes at various crime scenes, in order not to allow any shoe print matches between any of the 50-500 crime scenes.

Most serial killers, on some level, seek and revel in notoriety. They desire publicity for themselves and their crimes. They masturbate with glee when reading the newspaper headline ‘City gripped with fear as serial killer claims new victim’. The Undetectable serial killer is completely different. He has absolutely no desire for fame or notoriety. He does not care if his name goes down in the history books. He cares not a whit if after killing 500 people, nobody know his name or even the fact that a single serial killer is responsible for the 500 killings. All he cares about is indulging his desire/need to kill, for as long as he lives and retains this compulsion. He wants to “retire” someday, just like all you regular working stiffs, and take it easy at home during his golden years, as he fondly recalls the glory of each of his killings.

He celebrates his own brilliance. That is enough for him. He needs no screaming media headlines to feed his ego. Successfully killing so many folks is enough to satisfy his ego and emotional needs. He celebrates his anonymity. He revels in the glory of making each killing a unique and unlinkable crime, forever destined to stand all alone as a solo unsolved homicide.

I believe that one or more of these Undetectable serial killers disposed of all the bodies in such an expert and thorough manner, that few if any of the 50-500 victim’s bodies were ever found. Thus the majority of his victims are not even classified by police as murder victims, but merely as “missing persons”, because no bodies have ever been found.

I believe that in one or more of these Undetectable serial killer strings most of the 50-500 victim’s bodies WERE found. However, the killer so expertly varied his dump sites and so expertly killed each victim in a unique and unritualistic manner, using such a wide variety of killing instruments and methods, that DESPITE finding most of the 50-500 bodies, no police or FBI investigatory agency was or is able to “link” ANY of the 50-500 killings together. And thus all the killings are viewed as the work of different killers, due to the technical brilliance of the Undetectable Serial Killer.

So there you have it, my theory on who are truly the ULTIMATE serial killers among us. Lots of people would vote for the Green River Killer…. But I believe my Undetectable S.K. theory is very valid, and highly likely to be accurate. He or she (it could certainly be a female) is truly the Ultimate in serial killers. A true PHANTOM who passes through your world without fuss or fame or notoriety, quietly and expertly claiming their vengeance by individually slaughtering 50-500 people, or possibly MORE, over a 20-40 year killing career, and then just as quietly retiring to live out their golden years in peace and prosperity, savoring the glory of their killing exploits.

I have no “proof” to back up the actual existence of these Undetectable Serial Killers. But I believe that the outline is very valid, and that between 3 and 10 such Ultimate Undetectable serial killers have claimed between 50-500 lives between 1960 and 1997, have never been caught, and several of them are still alive and retired…. or still alive and still actively killing.

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2 thoughts on “The Undetectable Serial Killer theory”

  1. Undetected serial killers are intelligent psychopaths. These mentally ill maggots are drawn to occupations such as police so they can use the system to search for loners that have nobody to report them missing.

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