Edward Wayne Edwards, born June 13, 1933; died April 7, 2011, age 77.Mother: Lillian Cecelia Myers. Father: Unknown. Grandmother: Annabella Myers. Married 1. Verna 2. Jeanette White 3. Marlene Harmon. 4. Kay Hedderley. Name at birth: Charles Edward Myers. Timeline

Close relations

Lillian Cecelia Myers, born April 1, 1911; died August 8, 1938, age 27. Mother of Edwards. Daughter of Annabella Myers. More.

Annabella Myers Grandmother of Edwards, mother of Lillian Cecelia Myers, Edith Myers Bellet and Mary Ethel Edwards. Pictured in Christmas photo 1970,  with Edith Myers Bellett, John Bellett, Kay Hedderley. It’s Me page 87.

Mary Ethel Edwards born 1909, died October 5, 1945, when Edwards was age 12. Aunt and adoptive mother of Edwards ( may not have been official adoption ). Married to Fred Edwards. Born Mary Ethel Myers, the older sister of Edward’s mother Lillian Myers.

Edith Myers Bellett Daughter of Annabella Myers, Sister of Lillian Cecelia Myers, Aunt of Edwards. Second wife of John Bellett.


Wayne Edwards born August 1956. Son of Edwards and Jeanette White.

April Edwards Daughter of Edwards and Kay Hedderley. Gave Cameron a timeline for Edwards ( It’s Me, pages 76-79 )

Jeff Edwards Son of Edwards and Kay Hedderley

Edwards says he has four children in a 1993 letter to the FBI, giving their ages as 24,23,21 and 19 years.


Verna born ~1938 killed by Edwards October 1955

Jeanette White
Married Edwards in 1956. Relationship ended in 1958. Interviewed by Cameron (p. 203). Jeanette: “Ed liked killing people. He enjoyed it”. Edwards used the name “James Langley” on the wedding license, dated October 20, 1955.

Marlene Harmon
Married to Edwards in 1959-1960.

Kay Hedderley born Oct 26, 1946
Married Edwards in Akron, Ohio, July 20, 1968. Remained married until Edwards arrest in 2009. Inteviewed by Cameron (p. 124). Kay: “He had books and devices for making fake credentials and he was obsessed by the FBI. He had secret files that nobody was allowed to touch in a dresser in their room. He saved articles about the Portland, Oregon, 1960 lover’s lane murder in which he was a suspect, and an article about Wayne Budde, blown up with a bomb in Portland on the same day.”

Other relations through marriage

John Bellett Married 1. Beatrice Bellett 2. Edith Myers Bellett. Father of Dawn Bellett.

Beatrice Bellett First wife of John Bellett, mother of Dawn Bellett. Aunt-in-law of Edwards. Lived in San Francisco 2 blocks from where Paul Lee Stine was murdered, worked at pub where Stine’s cab was hailed.

Dawn Bellett born ~1939. Daughter of John Bellett and Beatrice Bellett. Interviewed by John Cameron.



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  1. Mary Ethel Edwards (1909-1945) was not a relation through marriage! She was Edward Wayne Edwards’s aunt! She was born Mary Ethel Myers and was the older sister of Edward Wayne Edward’s mother Lillian Myers.

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