Notes on Edwards’ personality.

(1) Edwards was a psychopath, he was able to kill without feeling any strong feelings of remorse.

(2) He admitted to having a bad temper. I believe when he lost his temper he would kill. He would also kill for financial gain, to silence someone who knew of his identity, to settle any score, or to be famous (in an anonymous way).

(3) I would compare his psychology to that of an arsonist : he liked to start a “fire” (commit a murder) and then observe the consequences and fan the flames. He was prepared to take major risks. That it took so long before a family member reported him is astonishing. When finally caught, he did not seem distressed, rather resigned. He was well aware of his own nature. At times he may even have wanted to be caught, although he never turned himself in.

(4) Many of his crimes were deliberately calculated to cause media storms. Edwards wanted “anonymous fame”, that is he wanted to cause fear and distress, and for his crimes to be widely reported in the press. Many people know about at least some of his famous victims, such as Ryan Ferguson, Scott Peterson, Chandra Levy.

(5) He knew how to pose as an trusted person – a family man, a preacher, a policeman, an ex-marine. He used uniforms to accomplish his criminal goals.

(6) He used numerous aliases and fake identities.

(7) He wanted to tie all his murders together with signatures and symbolism.

(8) He used multiple techniques to frame people for his crimes. Planting bodies, DNA, signing affidavits, sending anonymous tips to the press and journalists, even planting a typewriter in one instance.

“For heaven’s sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself” — Edward Edwards, December 1945


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