1972 – Metamorphosis of a criminal

Metamorphosis of a criminal is an auto-biography Edwards wrote and published in 1972, in which he claims to have reformed.

Page at ColdCaseCameron


Metamorphosis of a Criminal – Scan

“I loved to watch the fire trucks: they were beautiful, white, shiny and impressive. I loved to hear the sirens. But most of all, I enjoyed seeing the confusion and the crowd be cause it meant that, indirectly, I was being noticed, since it was I who had caused all the hubbub. I could hear them talking about the inconsiderate bastard who had sent in the alarm, and how they wished they could lay their hands on him. The more the crowd discussed me, the more I turned in false alarms. They were stoking the fires of my desire for attention.”

“Ed, what do you want to be when you grow up?”
“Sister, I’m gonna be a crook, and I’m gonna be a good one.” – according to Ed, in 1944 ( aged 11 ).


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