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Wrongly Convicted Group | Cases tagged Edward Edwards

Summary of Edward Wayne Edwards’ Crimes (the Zodiac Killer)

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Cold Case Cameron

Edward Wayne Edwards – Serial Killer | Discussion Group

Articles :

‘The most prolific serial killer you’ve never heard of’ murdered JonBenet Ramsey, Jimmy Hoffa AND victims of Zodiac Killer, claims detective in new book Daily Mail, April 2014

The Zodiac and Other Thrill Killers Killing for the excitement of the hunt, by Scott Bonn,, Sep 21, 2015

A Cold Case Expert Thinks ‘Making A Murderer’ May Be Tied To One Of The Most Prolific Serial Killers Ever, Jan 21, 2016

Montana author ties serial killer to ‘Making a Murderer’, Jan 26, 2016

TV programs

Radio shows with John Cameron



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