1997 – Jen1Orbit

Edwards made a large number of “usenet” posts using the usernames Jen1orbit and Joe1orbit.

The posts date from late 1996.

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The website forbiddentruth.8k.com is linked to Joe1orbit, via this page which states:

“The Copyright and Reprint Rights to all of My personal and unique public writings, dating back to 1989, made under the Full Force Frank, Joe1orbit@aol.com, and Seer of Forbidden Truth names, are currently being offered for sale by Me. ”

May 16, 1997 “8 y.o. girl abducted from home in OK” Original | Copy

August 1, 1997 “The Undetectable Serial Killer theory” Original | Copy


14 thoughts on “1997 – Jen1Orbit”

  1. Can you share some information about how we know that these jen1orbit and joe1orbit posts were made by Edwards? How was this information authenticated? Thanks.


    1. Jake, there is no complete short answer to this question. it’s based on many things.

      Firstly it is based on what Edwards said in his autobiography and in public and what he wrote in the posts.

      Then the date:1-8-1997. He had killed JonBenet Ramsey 13 days before. 13 was the letters in his name. He repeats the number 13 in the post (10 and 3).

      [ You can of course see that jen1orbit and joe1orbit are almost anagrams of JonBenet ]

      As for why Edwards was JonBenet’s killer, you need to see elsewhere, for example https://www.facebook.com/notes/edward-wayne-edwards-serial-killer/jonbenet-ramsey-case/1656952364523701

      Of course this is also part of the answer to that question, the puzzle has many pieces and they all support one another, you could argue this is circular reasoning, but on the other hand consider whether alternative hypotheses are plausible or possible.


  2. Thanks for replying. Indeed I would argue that this is circular reasoning. My takeaway from your answer is that in fact there is no authentication of the fact that these jen1orbit posts can be attributed to Edwards. It’s speculation based on a fairly arcane patching together of factoids that might or might not be clues. I admit the idea of a single brilliant serial killer being behind the most notorious murders of the last 70 years (and setting up fall guys along the way no less) is a tantalizing idea, but the fact is there is no credible hard evidence that any of it is true. As to whether alternative hypotheses are plausible, I would argue that it is plausible that in many of these cases, the right perpetrator is behind bars, and in those that are still unsolved, there are generally at least a half dozen or so alternative suspects that sleuths both amateur and professional have put forward as possibilities. Thanks again for replying.


    1. All reasoning is in some sense circular, it depends on various axioms and deductions. You are not really offering an alternative hypothesis to account for all the evidence, which would need to explain this posts in some other way, but much more than that the massive amount of other evidence linking Edwards to numerous murders. We really need to get down to specifics as well. For example in the Scott Peterson case it is not at all plausible that the right man is behind bars, the same for Chris Coleman, Steven Avery, etc,etc.


    2. I was just wondering if perhaps some kind of facial recognition software could prove whether the young guy in the photo booth with Elizabeth Short really is a young Ed?


  3. It’s not my intention to get into a philosophical discussion about whether all reasoning is circular or not — but just for the record, not all reasoning is circular, and circular reasoning most often results in pre-determined conclusions. I can’t offer an alternative hypothesis to account for all the “evidence”, because none of what is being proffered here is actually evidence at all. It is just an ornate bunch of speculation based on random factoids which the author of the book views as symbolic, connected and significant. I have no expertise in any of the cases you cite, though I have watched the Avery film, and closely followed the Scott Peterson trial. In both cases, I think it is certainly at least plausible that the right men are behind bars, based on the available evidence. But if you’d like to zero in on a single case, I think the Avery case is probably the best one to focus on. Is there any evidence whatsoever — I mean hard evidence, forensic evidence, documented evidence — that Edwards had a hand in the Halbach killing? And no, I don’t consider the fact that there is a fat guy in the background of a shot in Making a Murderer evidence, nor do I consider the fact that Edwards once killed someone on Halloween and Halbach was murdered on Halloween evidence. Please don’t misunderstand me, I would love to believe that Edwards is responsible for all these murders. But based on what information I have seen put forth on this and other sites, I can’t get there from here. Perhaps another way of approaching this would be, what is the single most conclusive piece of evidence tying Edwards to ANY of these murders?


    1. There is no single conclusive piece of evidence to show Edwards murdered Halbach, the evidence is circumstantial. At this stage I would say it is highly probable that Edwards murdered Halbach, it cannot be considered certain. I am personally sure that Brendan Dassey gave a false confession, I am also sure that the Halbach’s body was transported in her car to a place where her body was incinerated and smashed into small pieces, before being planted at three places around the Avery property.


      1. Most likely Halbachs body was taken to the gravel pit and by Edwards means of application blown to pieces. I also believe Edwards was enlisted by the Manitowoc Sheriffs Dept. For A price. There is a lot more I can share about this case.

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    2. Regarding ANY murder, I think the signature left on the walls where he murdered the family of Chris Coleman is perhaps the most conclusive.

      The evidence is very strong re the Zodiac, the Scott Peterson case and the Chris Coleman case. Those are good places to start.

      I am ignoring the murders he confessed to obviously!


  4. Side note, Jen1orbit has an extensive posting history of an obsession with “compromised” female feet – so much that it seems like he/she would have been likely to have acted upon it with female victims.
    Have there been any instances in these suspected Edwards cases that would indicate that he shared that obsession?

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    1. Not that I know of.

      It is puzzling, clearly someone still is continuing the “Forbidden Truth” postings, for example there is a blog here:


      John Cameron believes jen1orbit and joe1orbit were both Edwards, I think it may have just been jen1orbit, who nevertheless did sign himself “JOE”.

      There is a long gap between the updates in 2004 and the updates in 2011.

      Did Edwards create and then later sell forbiddentruth.8k.com ?

      I am not sure of the correct explanation.


      1. Someone had hijacked the site & has copied it onto their own. They have assumed the persona of Forbidden Truths 8k author ie Ed Edwards.
        It’s kinda creepy but mostly very annoying. It’s also what Ed wanted
        Hope he’s burning in hell

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