1969 – Jane Mixer

There are several reasons to believe Jane Mixer was killed by Edwards, and not Gary Leiterman, who was convicted in 2005.

Firstly, the weapon used, position of body, the neat stack of her clothing, and the odd placement of a bag at the end of a driveway across the street from the cemetery, with a card that read “Sorry I missed your birthday” in it. The woman who lived at that house was supposed to testify at some point, but was too incapacitated by anxiety to be of any use. I believe that the card was intended for HER, not Jane’s mother, as the police contend. I think at some point, she was one of Ed’s ride-along girls, who served as a cover for him, and he made various efforts to terrorize her with knowing that he’s wherever he wants to be and can get to her at any time. Jane was a message for that woman.

Jane was not one of Collins women. I have looked at them and while those murders also fit some parts of Edwards brand of complexity, they are too tied to Collins for me to say he wasn’t the one who did it.

There was none of Jane’s DNA on the pantyhose tied around her neck, FYI. None. Also, there is a page for Lieterman who bought .22 bullets, and on that page is an image of a document that shows bullets purchased by Lieterman at some point. On that same page, a few lines down, is also the signature for Edwards (using the last name of Hanner), buying super X bullets (the kind used in the Zodiac murders and the Robison murders). This Edward Hanner lived less than 3 miles from Lieterman at the time.

In 1967, Edwards was released from prison to a place called “The Denton House.” Jane (murdered right before his first child was born) was found in Denton Cemetery. This cemetery is not far away from the home of the Robison family, who were murdered by Edwards a year before (murdered prior to his wedding).

Joe Scolaro, who many people tried to blame for the Robison murder and still stands as the prime suspect, was suspected because he used the alibi that he was shopping at a local store, JL Hudson’s, at the time of the Robison murders. The bag at the end of the driveway in Jane’s case was a JL Hudson’s bag.

Later on, there would be 4 children who were murdered in the Ann Arbor area. Those 4 bodies were found, and in the center of the map where they were found is Denton Cemetery, where Jane was found.

For this, and oh, so much more, Edwards killed Jane.

Basic facts at murderpedia | Free Gary Leiterman

Note: DNA results were due to lab contamination, “Gary’s DNA, Jane Mixer’s evidence from her murder, and John Ruelas DNA were all in the Michigan State Police lab at the same time.” See here.

Discussion here.


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