Frank Dryman

Edwards apparently tryed to “set up” FFrankDrymanrank Dryman as being the Zodiac Killer. However the first Zodiac killing occurred just before Dryman was paroled. Edwards met Dryman in Deer Lodge Prison.

Cameron interviewed Dryman in March 2010. He had violated his parole conditions for 40 years until captured in Arizona in 2010.

It’s Me p. 188:
Dryman was born and raised in Vallejo, California. He was a cryptologist in the Navy, but was discharged due to mental problems in 1949.
In 1950, he was hitchhiking north of Great Falls in Montana, and shot a man who picked him up 5 times in theback. He was convicted and placed on death row in Deer Lodge.

Edwards used many of these features to put Dryman in the frame as the Zodiac. The first Zodiac victim was shot five times in the back, the Zodiac used a cryptic code.

Dryman wore a black Catholic Cossack with the Zodiac cross on circle on the front, the same as the Zodiac wore for the September 1969 Lake Berryessa attack. From Wikipedia:

On September 27, 1969, Pacific Union College students Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard were picnicking at Lake Berryessa on a small island connected by a sand spit to Twin Oak Ridge. A man approached them wearing a black executioner’s-type hood with clip-on sunglasses over the eye-holes and a bib-like device on his chest that had a white 3-by-3-inch (76 mm × 76 mm) cross-circle symbol on it. He approached them with a gun, which Hartnell believed to be a .45. The hooded man claimed to be an escaped convict from Deer Lodge, Montana, where he had killed a guard and stolen a car, explaining that he needed their car and money to go to Mexico. He had brought precut lengths of plastic clothesline and told Shepard to tie up Hartnell, before he tied her up. The killer checked and tightened Hartnell’s bonds, after discovering Shepard had bound Hartnell’s hands loosely. Hartnell initially believed it to be a weird robbery, but the man drew a knife and stabbed them both repeatedly. The killer then hiked 500 yards (460 m) back up to Knoxville Road, drew the cross-circle symbol on Hartnell’s car door with a black felt-tip pen, and wrote beneath it: “Vallejo/12-20-68/7-4-69/Sept 27–69–6:30/by knife”

News article Runaway murderer again denied release May 19, 2016.


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