This is one of the websites Edwards made. In it’s pages he outlines a very strange twisted belief system, and repeatedly defends serial killers. A sample from the “Introduction“:

We now begin our journey, courageous seekers of Forbidden Truth. Above is a photo of Dennis Nilsen, along with a few brief quotes that he has generously graced all of us, including his victimizers, with. What is Dennis Nilsen? According to societal doctrine, he is a serial killer. He killed numerous fellow human beings, one at a time. The term “serial killer” is used by society to demonize specific people. It is a label. Labels are used by society as part of it’s limitlessly evil and insane process of categorizing all humans as being either “good” or “bad”, depending upon the degree to which they are willing to embrace and accept the endless stream of lies, myths, hypocrisy, and brainwashing that societal leaders have chosen to inflict upon all of their citizen-slaves, from the moment of each individual’s birth, on throughout their entire lives.

So, the term “serial killer” is a societally employed Demonizing Label. The British and worldwide societal structure decided to demonize Dennis, after it was revealed that he had serially killed numerous young men. This was done in part because society has a minor desire to discourage the activity of serial murder on a widespread basis. Not because the life of any lone individual holds any value or importance to society, but because every society is perversely and selfishly obsessed with maximizing it’s population of citizen-slaves, and if hundreds of serial killers suddenly start killing dozens of people each, the population will end up declining.

Note: a curiosity is that the website claims to have been updated several times in 2011, after Edwards was arrested in July 2009, and even after he died in April 2011. Possibly Edwards updated the website before his invitable arrest, as a misdirection. There is a long gap between the updates in 2004 and the updates in 2011. See


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  1. Respectfully, what is the source of your information that the forbidden truth 8k website was authored by Edward Wayne Edwards? How has this been authenticated? Thanks.


    1. This blogger obviously doesn’t have Ed’s iq
      But he is providing some kind of weird interactive Ed game..
      Funny thing is it’s all about Forbidden Truths
      & yet it’s plagiarism plain & simple
      Technologically Immortal, alledgedly…
      Isn’t this website about Edwards?
      Let’s not give Mr Namey any more
      Of the attention he is so desperately seeking..
      I am looking forward to the upcoming documentary John Cameron is filming with Edwards grand son. Hopefully this will shed some more light.
      A year ago someone is asking how do they know Edwards wrote Forbiddentruth.8k & how was this authenticated.
      This website is heavily based on It’s Me!
      & so that question really should be directed to John Cameron.
      An ip address I’m guessing..

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  2. Thanks, good work.

    If I understand correctly, we can see that the last update was performed somewhere between March 22, 2010 and September 22, 2011, and the “claimed” update dates appear to be consistent with snapshots.

    Oh wow, have a look at

    Activity in 2014, seems to be still going.

    You can see the link to this FB account here :

    August 30, 2011 Update: I am pleased and proud to announce that The Seer of Forbidden Truth has now established a presence on both the Facebook and the Twitter online forums. Please note that there will not be a huge amount of activity on either forum, due to the fact that your Seer is extremely busy with many different life path actions. Also be aware that the content posted to these two forums will be different in each forum. For those of you who hunger for Truth and hang upon every brilliant revelation that I deign to grace you with, you might want to join these two newly created forums. I am providing direct links to both forums, below.

    To join the Forbidden Truth Facebook Forum, Click Here.

    To join the Forbidden Truth Twitter Forum, Click Here.
    End Quote


  3. Unfortunately Ed seems to have a serious copy cat.
    Let’s hope blogging is all they do.
    Namey & his buddies have been sprinkling themselves over the net for ages now & while they don’t engage in dialogue with humans
    It’s the attention of humans they crave
    There’s a YouTube channel too.
    Edwards would have either loved this
    Or killed them for plagiarism

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  4. I investigated this and came to the conclusion that the name Joe1Orbit did not likely compare to Edwards. I could not make a determination on the name Jen1Orbit.

    Private email me for the info – which includes a second website this person authored, and potentially identified themselves.

    My opinion is that Edwards taunted the Forbidden website author with a similar name (Jen) in an effort to try and identify who (Joe) was.


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