1947 – Elizabeth Short

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Proof that Edward Wayne Edwards murdered Elizabeth Short in January 1947 ( the “Black Dahlia” ).

On March 14, 1947, a note scrawled in pencil on a bit of foolscap was found tucked in a shoe in a pile of men’s clothing by the ocean’s edge at the foot of Breeze Ave. Venice, Los Angeles. The note read: “To whom it may concern: I have waited for the police to capture me for the Black Dahlia killing, but have not. I am too much of a coward to turn myself in, so this is the best way out for me. I couldn’t help myself for that, or this. Sorry, Mary.”

The note was unsigned, the clothing gave no hint of the owner of the clothes, and the identity of “Mary” was also a mystery.

Edwards’ adoptive mother was Mary Ethel Edwards, who died October 5, 1945, just over a year before the the murder.

This is consistent with Edwards apologising to his adoptive mother for committing the murder, using her first name.

In 1971 Edwards confessed in detail to Margot Burns that he murdered Elizabeth Short.

Around the year 2000, someone ( hypothetically Edwards) wrote a bizarre website blackdahliasolution.org claiming that Short’s killer was “Ed Burns” ( hypothetically also Edwards ).

The author of the website claimed the suicide note encoded the name “Ed Burns” and reproduced the note from the text. ( see http://www.my-sos.com/BDS/fate.htm ).

The author of the website also claimed he was 13 years old in January 1947, after being challenged about knowing an inordinate amount about the case in the  FAQ section ( It’s Me, page 303 ). If Edwards was born June 14, 1933, that would be true ( but in fact he was likely born May 30, 1928 – see below ).

The author had inside knowledge of the layout of the suicide note left on the beach, which has never been published ( this is not yet known, a FOIA request sent Oct 9, 2019 could establish this ).

If true, this establishes the website author wrote the suicide note, and the author is placed roughly at the scene, leaving a fake suicide note to confuse the police, suggesting he was the killer.

Edwards’ mother had gangrene in her right leg before she was shot in August 1938. From her death certificate under”Contributory causes” the certificate states “GANGRENE RIGHT LEG”.

Edwards explained to Margot Burns the circumstances of his mother’s death : “He told me about the gangrene, the red streaks shooting out from it, and how it was red hot to the touch. He told me about her saying, “They Shoot Horses Don’t They” and her crying out in agony,  “It Burns” over and over. He said she was a little woman and then how she couldn’t reach the trigger on the rifle. He then said “You don’t think she could shoot herself in the stomach do you?”

This explains Edwards’ obsession with the name “Burns” – why he would choose  “Ed Burns” as an alias, and perhaps why he would later target Margot Burns to be his “time capsule” as he told her.

In another case linked to Edwards, the murder of the Robison family of six on June 26, 1968, ( also referred to as the Good Hart murders ) the letters “EBE” are highlighted in two documents, see “It’s Me”, page. 254. Cameron suggests Edwards thought of himself as “Edward Burns Edwards”.

Edwards explained to Margot Burns that he murdered Short because she cheated on him, he lent her money, and she was unable to have children, so she could not “pay him back”.

The only reasonable explanation for the above evidence is that Edwards was the website author, and likely murdered Elizabeth Short, as he confessed.

Edwards Date of Birth

Edward Wayne Edwards was likely born Charles Edward Meyers on May 30, 1928  and not Charles Murray on June 14, 1933, see  Date of Birth. This means Edwards would be 18 years old in January 1947, not 13 years old as previously thought, and as the website owner claimed.

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Margot Burns also witnessed Edwards sending a Zodiac killer card, Steve Hodel has independently concluded that the Zodiac killer  likely murdered Elizabeth Short ( albeit he believes it was his father George Hodel and not Edwards ).

Short’s belongings were sent to the LA Examiner on Jan 24, together with individual words  cut-and-pasted from newspaper clippings, similar to the Pines Card, and there were taunting messages sent to the LA Examiner, and a prior anonymous phone call, all consistent with the suicide note. The Zodiac killer also taunted police with similar anonymous phone calls and cut-and-pasted messages. Short’s belongings even included photos of Short with an unidentified man, consistent with Edwards, perhaps disguised by the use of nose putty and a wide grin. ( See discussion here )

The website also mentions other cases independently linked to Edwards, such as the Zodiac Killer:  ( http://www.my-sos.com/BDS/crypto3.htm ), and especially the murder of Suzanne Degnan on January 7, 1946, one of a trio of murders for which William Heirens was convicted ( many say wrongly ).

The “ZODIAC killer” of the late 1960s used this type of cipher in some messages he mailed to San Francisco-area newspapers.

The website also hints that “Ed Burns” was a serial killer (  http://www.my-sos.com/BDS/crypto3.htm )

Ed did not make his serial brainchild for the general public.

The penultimate page of the website tells the alias used when Edwards planted the body of Laci Peterson in 2003 “Eddie Rabbit”.


Edwards confessed to the murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 in a fake suicide note, again in 1971 to Margot Burns and again around 2000-2003 in a website he made.

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Los Angeles, California
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