Megan Touma Comments June 2008

  1. I knew Megan. She was a few years older than me. We went to Campbell County school together. We weren’t close but we had spent a hole summer together. She was very funny and caring. She was close to her younger brother.
    May God be with her and her family.

  2. I knew Megan when she was in my husbands unit in Bamberg Germany. She was a very sweet girl and i likes hanging out with her. We only hung out a few times but the time that we did get together we had a blast. My prayers are with her and her family may god be with you all through all this.

  3. This is regarding the murder of SPC Megan Lynn Touma….her boyfreind name was Sgt Edgar Patino..He is station in Fort Brag. He is aslo marry to Heileen Patino. He was also station he in Bamberg, Germany. I spoke to her the day before she left and she told me that was his baby and she was seven months pregnant. He was a buddy of mind. We were both assigned to 54th Egineer Batallion.This is regarding the murder of SPC Megan Lynn Touma.

  4. “The Fayetteville Police said that the department is not officially calling this a murder investigation, but they do have a “SUSPECT” and they are treating this as a homicide. ”

  5. In all of Fayetteville, no one saw LE searching a house yesterday? How about on post?
    Hopefully we will find out more soon. I would like to see Megan’s family get answers and be able to take at least one tiny step toward healing. They will never forget, they will never stop agonizing over her death, but with each day, they will take a very tiny step toward peace.
    Right now, I am sure they feel they will never laugh again and never enjoy life again. I have experienced the death of a child and the death of a husband. I felt I could not live or breathe. It was God’s grace and his infinate wisdom in all things that allowed me to continue. Now that it has been several years, I can remember the good times and the funny times and smile at my loved ones memories.
    May God bless and hold Megan and her baby in the palm of his hand. May God be with Megan’s family and hold them close to him and give them the strength they need to carry on.

  6. Several reports say that the ‘person of interest’ is being HELD. W/O an arrest, I assume they can hold him as a
    ‘material witness’ ?

  7. According to the Fayetteville Observer the soldier is one of several people of interest in the Fayetteville Police Department’s investigation into the death of Megan Lynn Touma.

  8. If Touma indeed has a fiance at Ft Bragg, would he not have realized she was missing and alerted authorities ????

    1- She was last seen at Ft Bragg 6-12-08
    2- She did not report 6-16-08 as expected
    3- Body found 6-21-08
    4- Zodiac letter dated 6-17-08 (postmarked 6-24-08)
    5- DND sign on the door beginning 6-17-08 am
    4- She could have been dead 6-9 days (adv decomposition)

  9. Sounds like she got pregnant shortly before he left Germany in 12/07 and then she followed him to Ft. Bragg in June 2008. Wonder if he was aware that she was moving to Ft. Bragg ? IF he is in fact currently married to another woman and then Megan unexpectedly (or against his advisement) shows up in Fayetteville pregnant with his baby, well this may have been the catalyst that sparked the murder. Speculation of course.

    My sympathies go out out to Megan’s family. What a senseless tragedy!

  10. Thanks for clarifying KH! A senseless tragedy, indeed!

  11. Missing ? I bet he is being ‘held in custody’, not charged. My guess is detained as ‘material witness’. No way the military will risk another scenario like where Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean escaped to Mexico after killing his pregnant girlfriend, Maria Lauterbach…..especially if he has family in Puerto Rico.

    The material witness statute permits the detainment of any person who may have information pertaining to a criminal investigation for the purpose of testifying before a grand jury or during a criminal proceeding. Detainment is supposed to be required only if there is a risk of flight or danger.

  12. Definitely some similarities. Both were involved with hispanic, married, active duty military personnel living in NC. Both were about 7 mos pregnant with a first name that begins with an “M”. Both Maria and Megan were from parts of the U.S. not too far from each other. Maria from Ohio and Megan from Northern Kentucky.

  13. I personally cant wait til they catch this scum bag, i hope they fry his butt, i think the saddest part of all of this is that when he is caught tried and convicted, he will only be charged with the murder of her and not the unborn child. thats just bullcrap. i wonder how come they wont write a letter and publish it in the papers, taunting the murder, i think we all know if it was a real copycat he probably would have already sent another letter, most criminal masterminds are original and dont have to copy things from other serial killers, this guy is just plain weak. i live in spring lake right near fort bragg and Fayetteville, sadly i feel the military makes certian people into killers, look how many cases thier are of military wives or husbands who have killed thier spouses, they are trained to kill in Iraq,but some of them are killing at home. i wonder what the military has to say about that! i guess you cant control what you create.
    R.I.P Megan Touma

  14. mylifeofcrime – I find it hard to believe your husband has been in the military for 22 years and never heard of Lt. Kelly Flinn. She was kicked out of the USAF for adultery and lying because of the adultery. It was all over the media in 1998. She had to fight real hard to get the USAF to agree to a general discharge, which is nothing to write home about.

    note from blog owner
    You don’t know my husband. He does not pay attention to such things. He did not know who Charles Manson was until we started dating. He just did not look at these things. Now he does. And he may not have paid attention to Kelly because he detests such things as adultery and disrespect.

  15. Here is the reality of life. How many normal people (Civilians) lose there job because they have committed adultery? How often do you hear of Joe Smith of Home Depot getting arrested for a DUI? If it was a military member you would hear it in a second. The problem is most American’s hold the military members to a higher standard then they hold themselves to or their fellow citizens. Bottom line is this. Regardless of what you do for a living or who you are, you are not perfect.

  16. I thought this was about the murder of Megan Touma, and her unborn child. Maybe the conversation should be more on the line of (when will regard an unborn child as a human life).The death penalty to who ever is responsible.

  17. This is about the murder,perhaps a catalyst for the murder.

  18. Sherry – We can only hope that the murders of Megan Touma, Maria Lauterbach and Jennifer Neilsen (all pregnant women in NC) will bring about change to how NC regards an unborn child when his/her mother is murdered and they are subsequently murdered.

  19. M&M – Thanks for the info. Is Sgt Patino still married? If so, I wonder why he was engaged to Megan at the same time?

  20. Understood M&M. It sounds like Megan was a neat person.

  21. MS. or MRS. Johnston,

    Although I would do anything to get this entire ordeal finalized so that the family can get some closure from the death of this lovely woman, their child, I am not going to try and put anything in the hands of the Media so that it can be publicized without proof that this person committed the offense. I think that it is in the best interest of this person, we let the professionals of the Criminal Investigation Force, prove this. I would hate to Hinder any kind of investigation. So, I must decline your request.


  22. mysery, thanks for the insight, I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I had the feeling that Megan didn’t know that the pig was married. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t seeing someone else.

  23. First off I just want to send my condolences to Megan’s family and friends. I did not know her at all. I am here at Fort Bragg and am just a soldier’s wife. This case has just really hit me and I feel so attached to it for some reason. Everyone speaks of her as a lovely women and I am positvie she was. What I am wondering is has anyone even considered that perhaps she was not even killed at the hotel at all? I think that perhaps the person responsible for her death knew her well and that when she got here they got together somewhere and he killed her then. I then think he may have checked into the hotel under her name (this is not hard to do at all). I feel that then he pulled to the door late at night when everyone was nowhere in sight, took her body, placed some of her items in the room, then put her in the bathtub. For her body to be in the shape they say it was, I feel she was dead way before they claim. This is just something to think about. Again I just want to send my heatfelt condolences to family and friends.

  24. Sherry-So true. Women need to be careful who they are intimate with, because being the “other woman”, as I said before, so often ends in tragedy, either for them or for the wife. Women, do you want their blood on your hands? As
    for the men who whore around on their wives…chances are
    very good they will kill someone to get out from under their dirty deed. Despicable, senseless and far too common. It is never just about sex…there are consequences! How much are you willing to pay?

  25. I have read about many family killings regarding the military’s Ft. Bragg. What is up with that??

  26. M&M:

    I understand. Thank you for the response.


  27. sgt patino was in my squad in bamberg and he was a damn good soldier. y not give him the right to being “innocent until proven guilty” seeing as how its one of the rights he’s actually been to war for and earned, as opposed to those of u who’ve had it handed to u

    sent from: [FID421873]

  28. Cesar Laurean was said to be a Stellar Marine too.

    Looks like your good buddy Patino, when found guilty, will probably be going up the river.

  29. I was reading the Comments this morning, and stumbled across the one from Angela that really makes no sense to me. Sure, there are men out there that do bad thing, I will not disagree with you there, but believe me, for every bad man out there, there is a bad woman. This isn’t about all of that, this is about Megan.

  30. Retract post above…..
    Apparently he is NOT being held in custody, but obviously is being watched.

    “We don’t think this person is a flight risk but are prepared to go after them if that person chooses to run.”

  31. M&M- What is so hard to understand? Yes, women are guilty of adultery, as well, but statistics show that men are FAR more likely to KILL one of the women, especially if she becomes pregnant! This case is about yet ANOTHER woman and baby, who were presumably killed by her married lover. My point is, when will people learn?

  32. This place has obviously turned into a gossip site. You will feel very stupid if the man you have already charged with this crime is, in fact, innocent.

  33. What is funny to me is that everyone here is taking and believing everything the media is publishing, when it is the media who is probing this site for information from us. Is just funny to me.

  34. I agree Angela.

  35. i went to school with Megan. We graduated together she had such a bright future. i will miss her deeply. i hope they find who ever killed Megan and kill him too. she had a good heart always willing to help. she was a popular girl. THe class of 2003 lost one of their finest

  36. I’m sorry you lost one of your classmates. I hope they find the punish the person who is responsible for her murder to the fullest extent of the law.

  37. A note about the media. While there is good reason to get irritated with the media at times…I will say that in cases like this it’s the media that becomes the key to keeping the case alive..their involvement and continued coverage is vital to keeping the pressure on public officials and law enforcement to do their job.

    In addition, in cases where a serial killer or unknown killer could be involved (i’m not suggesting that’s the case here) many times officials stay quiet to protect their image and not induce fear.

    Yet, the media’s job is to inform people with the information necessary to protect themselves…

    It’s all a fine line…but, I would cheer the media’s involvement and certainly help them when appropriate in cases like this.

    Just my two cents. And, NO, I’m not a member of the media…

  38. Fayetteville police say they don’t expect any arrests this weekend

    A Fort Bragg soldier who was stationed in Germany from November 2005 to December 2007 is a person of interest in the case

    Police have said the person of interest is cooperating and has not been detained.

    It’s not unusual for the Army to request a second autopsy when a soldier dies under suspicious circumstances.

  39. TV reporter: Police could not find any evidence of trauma to the body, such as bullet wounds or knife wounds or any strangulation evidence. We had heard reports that possibly she was strangled, but they could not tell from the condition of the body what happened to her.

    Dr Perper: Well, no. If it`s decomposed, then it`s much more difficult because the decomposition changes can mimic a strangulation or can mimic trauma. And probably, this is one of the problem in this particular instance.

    GRACE: That is my point. If she was so decomposed, Dr. Perper, that they couldn`t tell — and she`s seven months pregnant — at the beginning whether it`s a man or a woman laying in the bathtub, the soft tissue is decomposed.

    PERPER: Right.

  40. I was in the same squad as Patino for over a year, the same platoon for 2 years, and the same company for 3 years. Aside from work we did not hang out. But, In the time we spent together training on AVLBs, huddled in tents in the snow in Graf, conducting convoy security on IED ridden roads in Iraq, and also just talking on the back porch of our hooch in Camp Ramadi (which we worked on together to build) ….. I feel like this gives me some credibility in speaking of his character. He was an excellent soldier in combat – he was always willing to go above and beyond to complete a mission and always looked out for his battle buddies. He had a great since of humor and was well liked in the platoon – mainly because he went out of his way to help others. Near the end of Iraq i remembered he was disappointed because he was moved to a different job in the company. I think he enjoyed being on the line where the action was (same as myself and every other sapper I know). I hope SGT Patino was in no way involved in this mess. In my gut I feel like there is no way possible he could be involved.
    I knew who Touma was – she hung around the 54th regularly. My prayer’s go out to her family and friends.
    I hope the person who did this is brought to justice……..
    I just pray it’s not my battle buddy.

  41. Fellow Soldier ,
    Just think of Scott Peterson and Jason Young if you want to understand the ‘great guy’ that murdered his pregnant wife.

  42. My thoughts and prayers go out to Megan Touma’s family. I was in abusive marriage for 3 years and finally got the nerve to leave. My friends and family had no idea what was going on. He was an officer in the US NAVY and we had just built our first home, everything seemed fine on the outside. I hate this happened to Megan. I didn’t know her but I have been following the story from the beginning. Sometimes you really don’t know whats going on in someone’s life until it’s too late.. I hope justice is served and Megans family can then start the healing process. God Bless!

  43. I’ve been so busy i havent had a chance to catch up on the latest news in a couple days… i didnt know any of the people involved but has anybody thought about Patinos wife? i mean why not question her? could be a crime of passion right?

  44. Caroline, according to previous post he filed for a divorce, showing Megan said paper work,and his wife is in Porte Rico, but does anyone know when she left. If that is true.

  45. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Why is it hard to understand people’s curisoity regarding this tragic murder? The bottom line is Megan and her unborn child did not deserve to die and people want answers as to why this happened and who did it.

  46. This is truly a sad case. When I first heard of this story I asked where is the babys father? Ant decent responsible man would have come out in grief but nothing to this day. I hope her family gets answers they are waiting for. How many weeks now they are grieving and havent even been able to bury their daughter and grandchild. So so sad

  47. KH, just want you to know I saw what you were responding to and I agree with you.

  48. Anyone knows when Megan was in Spain?

    She might have had an affair with Patino, but basicly, noone knows for sure if he was the father of her child?
    (DNA test will tell for sure, and IMO the result has been in for quite som time, Laci/Conner Peterson´s DNA was confirmed within 2 or 3 days!!!)

    She was 7 months pregnant, that means that she probably got pregnant mid november 2007.

    So where was Megan mid Nov 2007? And what man was she involved with?

    Remenber even megans aunt didn´t know the name of her alledged fiiance.

    I´m beginning to doubt that this sgt Patino was the father of her child.

  49. Spain ??
    Both Patino and Megan were stationed in Bamberg Germany mid November , 2007.

  50. I just do not understand there being no news at all! When is Megan and baby’s funeral?
    At least let them have a funeral!

  51. I am nearly 8 months pregnant, I got pregnant in Dec. so Megan did not conceive in November.

  52. We don’t know how far along she was in the 7th month when she was murdered. It could have been the tail end of the 7th month.

  53. I am wondering. Has anyone pondered on the fact that his wife found out and could have something to do with this, or is it impossible that a woman could do this?

  54. M&M – Oh yes, that has crossed my mind.

  55. M&M – If the wife is in fact in Puerto Rico, as someone claimed, maybe she had a hit person murder Megan. If the Patinos are in fact separated and headed for divorce and Heileen felt that Patino’s relationship with Megan was the cause, there is definitely motive.

  56. was just wondering. It is hard to say what all happened in this. It is just a shame that such a good woman had to pay for it.

  57. I wonder when LE will release some information? I hate to see Megan’s murder go unsolved and become a cold case.

  58. I think there is much more than people are being told. I think this will be over soon.

  59. I hope you are right M&M.

  60. Where are you from KH?

  61. Kentucky. My husband is a retired Marine. I am following the Lauterbach and Touma case probably because they are military related.

  62. this is the only one i am really following, mostly because she was a friend of mine.

  63. I bet that when it is someone you know, it really hits home.

  64. Megan and Sayed were my neighbors at Fort Drum, NY before they left for Germany. We hung out, went to dinners, and went on walks. They were good friends with my husband and I. This is such a bad situation. I want to get in contact with Sayed but I can’t find him on ako.

  65. fellow soldier,
    I understand that he was your friend, but you said yourself that outside of work you two “never hung out”. So you only really KNOW him in work-related situations, not everyday life situations and issues. So, I do agree this gives you some crediability, regarding WORK-RELATED issues. But outside of work, your crediability is nil. Your “gut feeling” is based on work relations, not LIFE relations.

  66. The kind of Soldier you are at work is more then likely the type of Soldier you are at home. A combat zone is not an office zone. Your life depends on the Soldier to your right and to your left. The bonds of friendship that forms from this trust could never be compared to relationships that you develop with non- combative, work-related acquaintances. Combat zones will reveal a person’s true character and it is all about life relations. If Patino was an outstanding Soldier that went out of his way for his fellow Soldiers, then I can sincerely believe that he is also an outstanding man in his personal life. I hope that he is innocent and that they find out who really killed Megan and her child.

  67. When in the world is this case going to start moving again??? I want to know what happenrd to Megan and her baby. I want them to have justice! I want the POS that did this to be apprehended!
    What gives? Is there going to be a funeral, or has there already been and we just did not know about it?

  68. The only bad thing that maybe could have made this topic not a discussion is that Megan was supposed to be going to Fort Sill, Ok, but had her orders changed to Fort Bragg. That is as shame. All of this could have been averted. Not her fault, maybe just following her heart.

  69. It is too bad that she didn’t end up at Ft. Sill.

  70. Rhonda,
    I disagree. There are too many examples of why this is NOT true. Now, I’ve never served in the military, but I do agree with your statement “your life depends on the soldier to your right and left”. I also agree that a “combat zone is not an office zone”. Being a great man “on the field” does not make you a great man AWAY from the field, and this needs to be clearly understood. Most people only show you the side of them they want you to see. I’m sure Patino NEVER once mentioned to you or anyone else in “field and combat” that he was sleeping with Megan. Do you see my point? I worked with a woman who seemed like she had it all together, but at home she drank, and beat her kids. The PERCEPTION she gave off was very good, but not the intentions. Character is doing the right thing, when NO ONE is looking. Patino was sleeping with Megan when no one (in his camp, say WIFE) was looking. Rhonda, I would be very suprised if he were innocent. He had a wife. That in itself is one hell of a motive.

  71. I keep seeing Patino’s name being thrown around on this website as the suspect. Has he officially been named or are we all just condemning him based on a post made by “Anibal”?

  72. Jessica,
    His name is being “thrown around” because it has been made public that the woman that he was having an extramarital affair with is DEAD. Any more questions??

  73. Kind of like how Amber Frey’s name was being “thrown around” when Laci Peterson went missing. Comprende?

  74. Amber Frey was SCREWING Laci Pererson’s poor-excuse-for-a-husband. When Amber found out what was going on, she did the right thing. Your point?

  75. Shauncey- My point???? UMMMM….I was responding to Jessica’s insinuation that Patino’s name is being “thrown around” out of pure conjecture, as though we are jumping to conclusions. His name being mentioned in regards to Megan’s murder, is no different than Amber Frey’s name being mentioned in that case, and we all know how that turned out.

  76. To “not true across the board”:
    At Camp LeJeune an XO went on a training stint to Virginia, had an affair with an old girlfriend from VMI attending medical school (another officer), got her pregnant, and everyone including the chaplain covered for him. Oh he got in trouble all right. Got passed over for a promotion, transfered him out of the unit so he didn’t have to go back to Iraq, (some punishment as some other poor guy had to go in his place) and sent him to Virginia to be near the adultering other woman. The jerk even went to Spain to run with the bulls with 2 officer buddies instead of taking his new wife on a honeymoon! She’s doing great now. New life, new husband, new baby, new degree. It’s funny how she feels God has answered all her prayers and he doesn’t understand why it feels like God has turned his back on him. I told him “it wasn’t God who turned.”

  77. Sounds like a catfight in here with everyone being Sherlock Holmes. Just because Patino, who was never publicly named, is being questioned. The only reason that people here know about him, is because one person put it out there.

  78. I am wondering, If I said Bill Clinton knew her, if everyone would do the same thing, just with a name.

  79. Vicky- It sounds like the jerk made off pretty well for now. I guess he doesn’t have to worry about his career. Now he can get out of the military, become a military family member and stay at home dad , while his Dr. wife takes care of him. Boy, it sounds like she got the prize. Yes, I am being facitious. He will probably end up cheating on the new wife too, if he hasn’t already.

    In my opinion and what I have witnessed, a lot of it boils down to who you know and the quality of leadership chain, or in this case lack of leadership. I believe a strong leadership chain would have seen this guy out of the USMC as soon as possible vs. gently forcing him out like what you described above by passing him over a couple of times for promotion (assuming he is a captain hoping for promotion to Major).

    I wonder if Megan thought that her life with Patino was going to be honky dory? I am a firm believer if a person cheats once, they will cheat again.

  80. M&M-Don’t insult our intelligence. The father of Megan’s baby was bound to be the prime suspect…now we know his name. Sounds like you were hoping that your buddy would manage to keep his “little secret” under wraps, and are ticked off that he got caught. Speaks to your character.

  81. Let me tell you something Angela, since you think you know all about me. I didn’t like the guy at all. I thought he could have been a better soldiers. But before you crucify someone that you have no idea about or have any knowledge of what happened, wait until it comes out the right way, in the legal system. You have no idea who the father of the baby is and I believe that only one person did. That is Megan. So it would seem that you might have insulted or overestimated your own intelligence.

  82. And By the way, while you are speaking about character. I could tell you some things about this entire incident that would probably make you head spin, but I have already told what I know to the Criminal Investigations Division of the Army. You are an outsider, looking in on something that you have no idea about. Talking about and making assumptions about people that have fought, and also the ones that have died for your right to be able to speak your mind. NOW, that says alot about your Character. I would ask you to uniform up for one week and go through some of the horrors that Soldiers in Combat go through for 15 straight months. That is the respect I have for Patino and also for Megan. They were both doing something that was much bigger than just themselves. Even though I didn’t like the guy, I really hope it was not him that did this. It really frowns on the military. But one thing that I do hope for, is that they do catch whoever did this, Military or not.

  83. I appreciate the friendly responses to my question. My issue was that until he is officially charged, he is still presumed innocent. I’m not sure how any of you would react if your name was being dragged through the mud based on an anonymous poster’s “information”.
    There have been more than a few people and agencies sued for a ruined reputation after being outed as a ‘person of interest’. I guess it’s a good thing we have the anonymity of the internet.

  84. Does The Military Not Create Killers?

  85. M&M,
    We are all entitled to our opinions, but I have to say Angela made a VERY important comment. “The father of Megan’s baby was bound to be the prime suspect…now we know his name”. There it is right there Angela. And it has been said that Megan came to Fort Bragg to be with this guy. (by a friend of Megan’s) M&M, I was confused regarding your statement, “talking and making assumptions about people that have fought and died for your right to speak your mind”. It doesn’t matter how many wars you fight in or how many lives you save, that does not make you exempt to plot, think about, arrange or commit murder. (I am in no way saying that Patino is guilty) Worrying about how this “makes the military look” is pointless. Caroline above said it. The military DOES create killers. Anyone can dispute that till the cows come home, but it’s true. Military personnel are no better OR worse than the rest of us. They cheat, lie, scheme and murder just like us civilians.

  86. Whewww, it’s getting hot in here. I have to jump on your bandwagon Angela. I absolutely HATE defense attorneys.

  87. I suppose the “genius” of a defense attorney he ends up with will no doubt blame the ‘Zodiac killer’. No doubt he hobbled up to her room with his cane, weasled his way into her room, and killed her. Of course, he changed his MO from lover’s lane murders, to killing pregnant servicewomen…all this in order to gain notoriety before he kicks the bucket.

    And I doubt the wife ever even knew about Megan. However, she was about to find out, wasn’t she? Kind of hard to keep your dirty little secret when it’s so close to home.

  88. I’ve wondered about his wife also. When military personnel are suspects in murder cases, the military does it’s own investigation. I think that’s why we haven’t heard much on whats going on.
    mylifeofcrime, is there ANY new info about this case??

  89. It just seems that this is moving as slow as molasses. It has to be very frustrating for the Heine family. Hopefully, they are privy to more information than the general public.

    I can’t help but think that if they had a rock hard suspect and evidence, that person wouldt already be under arrest. Definitely a makes me go HMMMM?

  90. Not that I have found. Very unusual for a case this high profile. I am sure it is due to so much military involvement. That is what my military hubby thinks as well.

  91. Angela,

    And that is only if the “Zodiac Killer” is still alive. My belief is that he is not. But of course, I could be wrong. That is a case that really intrigues me.

  92. I truly believe that the Zodiac killer is alive and keeping a low profile. Not that he has stopped killing, but just not announcing it to the police or media. Megan’s killer I feel wanted to throw the police off of his trail by pretending he is a fan of the Zodiac’s, and has killed in many states. Megan’s killer I feel has killed only in combat, and this is his first and only murder. This killer unlike the Zodiac, had motive and opportunity, knew that she was staying at this motel. He may have chosen this motel , to fit part of what he felt could help make police think it could be a Z copy cat. He did do his Zodiac home work, I will give him that , but unlike Zodiac, this cowardly killer will be caught very soon.

  93. HAHAHAHA! There is no way the Zodiac killer is still alive. I was simply painting a far-fetched scenario, the likes of which your average unscrupulous defense atttorney would come up with. I personaly believe the killer known as ‘Zodiac’ was a man who died in prison many years ago. Some may disagree with me, however.

  94. The statement was made about whether or not the wife knew what was going on. I was working on base in Bamberg, and it is a small community. If an active duty service member (and family) lives in base housing or in the barracks, chances are that everyone knows his/her business. Bamberg is not like Fort Hood or Fort Bragg. It is a tiny community and it is not uncommon to see the same people at the base exchange or food court almost every day. If you lived on base in Bamberg and your husband was having an affair-believe me, someone would clue you in on the truth. I knew Megan briefly, but she was a fun-loving, nice person and seemed very levelheaded.

  95. But isn’t his wife in Puerto Rico…how long has she been there? Also, I noticed tonight on Nancy Grace that yet ANOTHER wife and 2 babies were murdered…by none other than THE HUSBAND!!!

  96. I read somewhere that the wife was working in some capacity for the school on post.

  97. I wonder if she moved back to PR before or after he got to Bragg.

  98. Fort Bragg and Fayetteville is in the news again. A female soldier is missing and her apartment is burned. What is going on?

  99. Shauncey, I do agree with some of what you said earlier. The military does train to kill, but we don’t train to kill each other. As for the wife, I am not sure where she is at this time, but I do believe she is back in PR. When you look at the words of how Patino is being a person of interest, it means he is the prime suspect at this time. Believe me, there are many calls being placed and statments created to strengthen the case. IF you look at it, there are alot of people that know Patino. Plus, you have to look at the fact that some of the reason that this is taking so long is that they are talking to 3 different countries of witnesses at this time.

  100. […] the name of a married man who was said to be dating has appeared in the comments section on Bonnie’s Blog of Crime, along with the details that Touma requested transfer so that she could be near him. In these same […]

  101. And yet another missing soldier who just HAPPENED to have a restraining order against her husband. I’ll give you 2 guesses….

    Angel-What is going on??? Oh, how about selfishness, lack of good judgement, lack of self control, lack of character, hatefulness…just to name a few.

  102. there are some elements that could link the two….heres the link. i truly hope they find Holley Wimunc alive.

    note from blog owner

    I recommend Steve’s blog. He is very good – always find an interesting angle and good insights. Please go to his blog.

  103. Goodness! I sincerely hope that this poor girl’s family does NOT visit this site. What turned out as a lot of concerned interested and expressed condolences has certainly turned into a heck of a nasty snake pit.


    All of these comments about Edgar, his wife or any other gossipy type have been removed. This is not the place for it. If you want to discuss this, please go to the Discussion Boards:

    But this is a place to remember Megan and for justice. Not for cat fights, gossip, etc.

  105. No arrest in this case. As time goes on , I doubt they have enough evidence to charge anyone. Looks like whoever murdered Megan may juts get away with it. Very sad!

  106. KH,
    Hold on!! I don’t think the fat lady has sung yet!! I do agree it is taking a long time. Let’s pray they have the evidence, but just not releasing any info yet.

  107. Shauncey I hope you are right, but as more time passes and nothing, it makes you wonder. They sure arrested Cpl Wimunc pretty quickly for Holley’s murder.

  108. Once again, it looks like we’ve got more sorry ass murdering Marines here in N.C. My husband’s best friend is a retired Marine. 1 tour in the Korean War and 2 in Nam. He”s a wonderful husband, father and human being! My husband is a Korean War Veteran and his brother was the first killed from our county in Korea. They were Army. They and their friends didn’t come home and act this way and a lot more got killed both places in less time than Iraq or Afganistan. My husband is a good deal older than I so Korea saw me a baby, but I sure remember Vietnam and had many friends fighting there. We had the draft then. There has got to be something about the kind of human beings we are turning out in this country that go to war instead of war creating this in people.

  109. KH,
    I agree about cheaters. We don’t make any effort to find anything about the jerk, but his brother asked the ex-wife’s grandmother how she was doing. Said that their whole family still thought the world of her and she deserved to be happy. When asked how his brother was doing, (to be polite), he replied, “still the same.”

  110. Adultery more often than not get a slap on the wrist if even that. My wife cheated on me with another soldier several years ago. I went to the I.G. and issued a complaint. That piece of crap is a sergeant now even though it was the SECOND time he had committed adultery with someone else’s wife.

  111. mylifeofcrime,

    Your blog has and is still mainly a place where people come to post their theories and conspiracies.

    You have changed nothing, because as you see you still leave the POI name through-out itself. If you were for real, you would of removed everything with his name, and items related to it, instead you only pick and choose items.

    “All of these comments about Edgar, his wife or any other gossipy type have been removed.”

    Return and see where you forgot those items.

    I challenge you to this…. OR, is it only about leaving enough on here to keep people returning?

    This is not a memory blog, has not been for a long time. Thats why you have removed two of my previous posts when I have commented for people to quit gossiping.

    As the previous ones, this posting will most likely be removed in short time as well. That is on item you have made clear, you edit for your own wants.

    note from blog owner


    You are assuming ALOT. You are assuming that this is the only post I have. It is NOT. I have about 3000 posts. Only a few have this issue with comments.

    But I have a question, you say I have not removed all of the comments I should have? Well, how much time do you have during a day? Do you have a job and a family? Any other obligations? Well I do! Sometimes it takes me sometime to get through all of the comments. Please understand, some days, I have over 300 comments to review. I am not superwoman, but I try my best. Thank you for pointing out all of my faults. Now I will go back and review what I can.

  112. Oh, and to finish…

    The challenge is to remove it all… Anything that draws comments, connotations to the POI etc…

    I am not in defense of the POI, just the opposite.

    I just want to observe how true to your word you are…

    You know, it really pisses me off when someone has the nerve to tell someone else how to run their OWN blog. I mean, if you don’t like it, what the hell do you come here for? The nerve!
    Just keep doing what your doing, and don’t worry about the “haters”.

  114. KH,
    Yes, they sure did grab Holley’s hubby, thank God! Don’t these fools know that the significant other is ALWAYS a top of the list suspect?
    I loved the first sentence on your first comment.

  115. You know….when I look at this girl, I think, Damn that could have been me. I spent five years in the Army in the medical corp, just like this young lady. I also became pregnant after meeting another soldier who proposed, confessed his love and later found out that he was married to a German national. He lived in the barracks and claimed to be divorced. I am giving this information, so that people don’t pass judgment on her if she had an extramarital affair. Many of us are people who were raised in the church, and come from good families. We go to the Army, military for opportunities. However, some of us are pretty green when it comes to life experience. I know that I was. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dirty people in the Army as well. They lie and they take advantage of other soldiers. The bad part about it is that if for some reason, one is duped into a relationship by a soldier who is married. If you report that person, the commander in most cases will punish you as well even if you did not know and you end up in a mess. I doubt if she just showed up against his wishes. He probably gave her all kinds of stories and then panicked and murdered her. I don’t buy the whole serial killer mark either. When I heard about it, my first assumption was that it was a dumb soldier trying to cover his tracks.
    This is the third female service member killed in North carolina. Not to mention the young soldier who the military claimed committed suicide who was found with bruises on her face, traces of acid on her genitalia, burned hands with white gloves on them. She was right handed and they claimed she committed suicide using her left hand and an M-16.
    This is something that should not be ignored. I cried when I heard about this young soldier although I never knew her but I grieve because it could have been me.

  116. […] a lot more information than what is currently in “official” circulation. For instance, a comment at Bonnie’s Blog of Crime, left by someone who claims to have known Megan Touma, names someone […]

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